Roll on 2016.....

Well the 2015 tour is well and truly over and we had a fabulous time at Nottingham Lakeside, The Apex Bury St Edmunds, Kings Place in London and the CBSO Centre in Birmingham.  Feedback from the show from audiences and promoters alike has been truly wonderful:

'Perfect blend of top quality chamber music and wonderful storytelling' Simon Hollingworth, Arts Consultant/Programmer
'The music was first rate and the whole thing was joyous and full of utterly inspired moments' Ian Burton, CEO Nottingham Music Service
'An imaginative romp, demonstrating the versatility of music and its power to narrate, engage and entertain' Mumsnet Nottingham
'This was the best children's music event I have ever experienced - and I've experienced quite a few!' Audience Member
'It was absolutely brilliant! Should be compulsory viewing for all children!' Audience Member
'Made Classical Music accessible, informal, unstuffy, expressive and fun' Audience Member

We are now working on a longer tour for Autumn 2016 so hope to see more of you then. 

For now I'll leave you with some photos and our wonderful promo film - link here.