First Steps

It’s all coming together now: as well as our wonderful Director Martin Berry and Composer Paul Rissmann we now have our Designer Hannah Wolfe confirmed and our full ensemble/cast.  We are delighted to be working in association with the fabulous Aurora Orchestra and have on board Cellist Sophie Rivlin, Violinist Florence Cooke, Clarinetist Richard Russell and Bassoonist Lully Bathurst; the final member of our ace performance team being actor Josie Rattigan.

The countdown has now begun to our first development week starting on the 3rd March which will see us altogether, hosted by partner Nottingham Lakeside Arts working with a range of specialists including Sean Myatt (object manipulation expert), Gill Brooks (early years advisor) and children from the Foundation Unit at Round Hill Primary School.

It should be an exciting week and I’ll keep you posted on progress.