Wow, what a wonderful two-weeks.  Photos and trailer to come but in the meantime here are some thoughts from our friends and audiences:

'I think you've done such a wonderful thing with my book. Taking it to a whole new audience, interpreting the story and illustrations in ways I'd never even dreamt about. You are a truly gifted team and I feel incredibly honoured that you worked your magic on one of my stories. Thank you.

Your performance illustrated beautifully that picture books are not only to be read with our eyes; You took something from the page and turned it in to a whole new experience, as comforting and educational as a book but using so many different parts of a child's brain - engaging them with dancing, singing, music, craft, acting and playing. To manage to do all of those things in 45 minutes it amazing! Smile is a truly enriching experience for both children and adults alike.'   Catherine Rayner - Author and Illustrator of Augustus and His Smile.

'Well done to you all. It was a fabulous show this morning in Arnold. Such brilliant musicianship, acting, story telling, stage design, lighting, friendly hello team.... I could go on. Well done Liz for being the driving force and I can't wait to see what happens next On MishMash's journey.' Heloise Davies, Arts Council England

'Beautiful intuitive direction which seamlessly enhanced the children’s experience of the story. The undersea fishing, the mountain projection and the rainstorm were particularly fantastic. The interactive moments were so skilfully woven into the piece so as not to interrupt or suspend the story but as to bring the children further into the different moments. The performers were delightful and the music was totally mesmerising.

The audience were enthralled and become more and more animated and confident as it went on. It felt as though they were being given permission to be part of the story. All ages were completely held and as we said to Liz, we could see what a variety of ages, and a range of settings which would love this piece and be able to bring their own interpretations to it. 

The design was absolutely stunning it completely felt as if the book was coming to life and we were in it.' Manya Benenson, Nottingham Playhouse

'Just a quick note to say how fabulous I thought this morning's performance was. The pace was judged really well and the youngsters had enough listening time and interaction in equal measure which was done skilfully. The musicianship was excellent and those little ones had quite a musical treat today!' Lucy Reid, Nottinghamshire Music Hub Manager