Our new show Smile is coming to a library near you very soon and we thought we'd find out what our wonderful cast think about the show:

Charlotte (Viola/Violin) - The Augustus tale is so charming and beautiful in its simplicity. I am fascinated to see the show develop around it, and thrilled that we, the trio, have had the opportunity to contribute to part of the creation and the musical content. The music is so varied and so colourful, I can't wait to share it with our very young audiences and observe how the whole experience plays out.

Flora (Violin) - It is absolutely inspirational to work with such a dynamic team on a project which weaves together classical music, storytelling, theatre, devised music and movement into a deliciously vibrant and colourful show designed specifically for a very young audience. I can't think of a better way to bring classical music to life for that age group!

Sophie (Musical Director and Cello) - I'm extremely excited to be involved in MishMash's latest ambitious production. A library setting should ensure that we encounter a truly diverse audience and can hopefully introduce them to some hand-picked highlights of the classical music repertoire. Being up close to the children, having memorised the music and staging it with set, costumes and movement should provide a fully immersive experience for the audience that hopefully will inspire them to get involved in performing and listening to music in the future. Imaginations can be sparked by the gentle story of Augustus and his Smile and it should be a lot of fun for everyone involved.